Line By Line

Everyone Can Draw Dinosaurs

by Cindy Mauro Reisenauer

Puddle Jump Press

reviewed by J.Alpha

"Art is created in steps, not all at once. That's what we mean when we say creating art is a process. Be Patient. Ready... Set... Draw!"

Created for budding artists—ages five to twelve, Line by Line: Everyone Can Draw Dinosaurs is a well-designed and easy to follow "how to draw" book. Divided into two sections, part one features easy to follow tips for drawing, which include composition, color, shading, light and texture, in addition to basic tips on art materials, such as markers, pastels, colored pencils, crayons, and watercolor paints. Part two introduces Reisenauer's clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for drawing five distinguished dinosaur characters... the t-rex, brachiosaurus, triceratops, pteranodon, and velociraptor. In addition, Reisenauer includes a quick list of fun facts about each dinosaur, as well as further suggestions for unique drawing details.

By starting with just the simplest of lines and shapes, and then slowly building up their confidence to create these fascinating prehistoric creatures, children can expand beyond the joy of creative expression to experience the delight of successfully creating something specific. By closely following Reisenauer's step-by-step series of drawings, which are designed to guide the way to a completed drawing with the new lines drawn in red, young artists will surely be inspired with a newfound creative assurance to spawn their own dinosaurs! Additionally, the completed dinosaur drawings are perfect for copying and using in a variety of craft activities, clipart, websites, emails etc.

One line at a time. One dinosaur at a time. Reisenauer's practical technique and simple format is sure to foster artistic confidence and create a center of attention for dinosaur fans and aspiring young artists alike.


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