“The Making of a Book...... An Illustrator’s Tale”
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“Initial Cap Design”
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Unique School Programs Including Art, Music and Science!


“My students enjoyed the enlarged look at the swamp water, the large super colorful storybook along with the very catchy song! What a great idea! Thanks for bringing a little science and fun to our Brooklyn school!”

Lisa Syrdahl, 1st grade Teacher,

PS 176, Brooklyn, NY

“It was an excellent workshop. Our children truly enjoyed the hands-on experience and benefited from this activity. I would certainly recommend Mrs. Feeney’s presentation.”

Sheldon Silver, Principal,

East Brook Elementary, Park Ridge, NJ

“Your presentation was highly energetic, fun and informative. It was a wonderfully creative approach to teaching children about science and the environment. Every single student was completely captivated by the gorgeous, vivid illustrations in the giant picture book, AMOEBA HOP.  They loved the song, the interactive role-playing with the adorable props, and the beautifully illustrated giant flash cards during the HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA song. The books, music, role-play activity, and video of actual one-celled organisms gave the students a multimedia experience which kept them engaged and excited about the subject matter.”

Ginat Kaplan,

5th Grade Literacy Staff Developer,

P.S. 48 Bronx, NY

“Giant Book and Song”
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GOING GREEN Over the Rainbow
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