Listen to Song!


          For younger students, it is an eye-opening experience to see an almost 6-foot wide picturebook open before them! The smallest of worlds comes to life in a big way when Betsy turns the pages of her giant book. The American Association for the Advancement of Science has praised the book saying, “Amoeba Hop is an innovative approach to introduce young students to the world of microbiology using song lyrics.”

    Betsy will also ‘direct’ the students in performing “Amoeba Hop” while playing the music CD included with the book. They will act out the story of the lonely paramecium who finds a partner for the dance through binary fission!

Betsy will also do a sketch for the students as well as give the students a look at several

of her other illustrated books.

* In light of today’s economy, prices are negotiable.


    “Giant Book and Song”

    multimedia experience for grades pre-K through 2

$275 *

($250  for two  or more)