“Emerita, a new book written and illustrated by Cindy Mauro Reisenauer, is a richly told and lavishly illustrated story that should be in every child's library. It is a tale of family strength, courage, sacrifice, adventure and triumph - but mainly it is about love. In a world where families are, unfortunately, all too often almost disposable, Emerita reminds us all about how very important roots and family love and loyalty are. Ms. Reisenauer clearly learned to love and be loved first by her grandmother, and that strength and power come through her story loud and clear. Her illustrations are absolutely beautiful, colorful and full of detail; they will capture the imagination of the child long before he or she has learned to read. This is definitely a book to be read and re-read and cherished for years to come. It is a true pleasure.”


Leslye Hunter,

Marriage and Family Therapist

"I have seen the book, "Emerita" and it is beautiful. It is a heartfelt story about family and the promise of a new life in America. Cindy's words, based on her own Grandmother's real life story, made me think about my own immigrant grandparents and the sacrifices they must have made to raise their families here. As a fellow illustrator, I am very impressed with the vibrant colors and the fresh, fluid style of Cindy's art. I am very particular in what books I will purchase for my own collection. First, a book's cover attracts me by its accomplished art, but I will not purchase it unless I am equally taken with the writing. "Emerita" is one of those rare finds that has a place of honor in my own library. It is truly a book for families to treasure."

Betsy Franco Feeney,

Children's Book Illustrator

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"Cindy's book, 'Emerita', is a wonderful, heartfelt dedication to the relationship she had with her grandmother. The illustrations, so beautifully executed,

make this book is a true labor of love. All  of us came from different parts of the world; either our parents, grandparents, or great grandparents came to

America so each and every one of us can relate to Cindy's book. How wonderful to read this story to our children and encourage a conversation about our own families. As a writer and Illustrator of children's books myself, I commend Cindy on this fabulous book and have already added it to my grandchildren's collection of books."

Barbara Soloff Levy  

Designer/Illustrator, MBL Designs