“A Delightful Book”

By Mark Farmer, scientist

Director, Ctr. Ultrastructural Research

University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602

“Christine Lavin's imagination is nicely matched by that of Betsy Feeney and together they bring the magical world of microscopic creatures to life. Many students (and adults for that matter) go through their entire lives without ever seeing the amazing world of protists. Through this fanciful book that world is brought to them in pictures, words, and song (it comes with a CD!). What is more is that science facts are presented in the back completing the link from imagination to reality and teaching kids biology in the process. If you have any interest in science you will LOVE it!”


Delightful Book”

The Midwest Book Review

    Children’s Bookwatch

“Folksinger and songwrtier Christine Lavin turns her song Amoeba Hop into an illustrated book, telling of a young girl who looks at a muddy puddle and discovers lively invertebrates within its depths. Add charming paintings by Betsy Feeney with photos taken through a light microscope to accompany the whimsical drawings and you have a well-rounded blend of science and adventure.”


Bernie P. Nelson, senior Editor,

Lightword Publishing,

"Mindquest Recommendations"

    ”Acclaimed by educators, AMOEBA HOP is packaged with a song CD enticing any child to learn about the microscopic world of creatures and appreciate music. Straight-to-the-mind illustrations by Betsy Franco Feeney drives the book/CD combo toward best-seller status. Story is riveting concluding with a short, illustrated science lesson and the "Amoeba Hop" music score. Author is a 29 album musician and has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, and enjoys a myriad of honors and appearances."

    “Inspired full color oil paintings, enthralling story line, and the fascinating “Amoeba Hop” CD song will capture the imagination of adults and children while instructing. "Good times are never going to stop when you go to the Amoeba Hop!"”


“best-seller status”

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